The Men's Shed Story

The "Shed" holds an important place in the Australian culture. It can be a reservoir of memories, experiences, a place to share skills and to socialise.

However, many retired people have had to downsize their living arrangements, often resulting in the man's personal space, usually the garden shed or workshop, being lost.

It is generally agreed that good health is based on many factors including self esteem, feeling productive and valuable to society, having social relationships and being active.

So the idea of a "Community Shed"was born. Here men could come and share a wide variety of tools, still pursue their interests in pastimes and hobbies, spend time with other blokes of similar interests, learn new skills and use tools for the first time - or keep old skills honed and productive. Here men could also feel viable and vigorous by contributing to community needs and create projects of personal interest.

The Lane Cove Community Men's Shed was set up in1997/98 to meet these needs and to provide a substitute space for "shedless blokes". Besides encouraging new social activities and friendships, the Shed also gives access to other networks for men, including local activities and men's health information.

Initial establishment was assisted with a Commonwealth grant from the Department of Health & Aged Services under the "Healthy Seniors Grant Programme

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